Welcome to Launch the Torch! This website chronicles the efforts of 25 honors students at Florida State University to launch a 3D printed copy of the FSU torches into space on a weather balloon, using GoPro cameras to capture a 360 degree video of the torches floating 20 miles high above the earth!

The blog posts on this site provide a detailed, week-by-week account of the students’ progress. The students also developed their own website for the class — http://launchthetorch.wix.com/1851 — and shared their experiences on social media using the hashtag #launchthetorch.

For an executive summary of how we Launched the Torch, including details on how we assembled the payload and a list of all the equipment we used, please see the summary page.

The students were enrolled in a class — IFS 2097: Exploring Emerging Technologies — offered by FSU’s School of Information during the Spring 2016 semester. For more information, please see the course syllabus at http://marty.cci.fsu.edu/ifs2097/ or contact Professor Paul Marty at marty@fsu.edu.