Week 06

week06This was our last Explore week in class — Explore: Videos — and the students spent the week experimenting with our GoPro cameras and 3D stereoscopic rig, as well as our Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headsets. Their experiences this week helped solidify their desire to create a 360 degree video of the launch, despite needing significantly more cameras for 360 video.

oculusEveryone was excited by the possibility of creating an immersive experience where we could put on a VR headset and experience the feeling of floating in space with the FSU torches. The students did extensive research about what would be required to create such a video, and even offered to volunteer their own cameras for a trip into space, so that we would have sufficient cameras for a true 360 degree video.

The students finished off this week by handing in their first individual self-assessment, where they documented what they learned during each of the five Explore weeks, and described what they would like to accomplish in class moving forward. This information was then used to divide the students into five teams of five students each: Social, Mechies, Tracking, Printing, and Video.