Week 07

week07This week marked the transition from the “Explore” weeks to the “Design” weeks, and was the first time the students met in their assigned teams (based on their preferences as reported in their first individual self-assessment). We divided up into teams, and passed out the notes collected during each of the five Explore weeks for the teams to review.

torchesinspaceAfter spending some time getting to know each other and learning why each team member was assigned to each team, the students were assigned two action items: 1) to develop a timeline listing the major milestones their teams would have to accomplish in order to complete the launch; and 2) to prepare a shopping list for successfully completing the project. Given a projected launch at the end of March, time was of the essence, and it was important that we order supplies ASAP. Once the team meetings had concluded, the class met again as a group, and we hashed out a combined shopping list for each team:


  • GoPro Cameras x6 (or x5) if we don’t care about camera pointing up; The iSchool has 2; and it looks like we can borrow 3 more, so that gives us 5; Cameras need to include cases!
  • Rig to hold six (or five) cameras in proper orientation for 360 degree video; Will try to 3D print this rig, and test to see how it holds up under stress and cold; Perhaps we could 3D print the rig, and coat it in superglue, or something similar
  • Anti-fog Inserts for Camera Cases; http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-AHDAF-301-Anti-Fog-Inserts/dp/B009QXFFYS/; $11, Amazon Prime (pack of 12)
  • Software to Edit 360 degree video — this is expensive! Will need to review our options more…
  • Filament for Dremel Printer for printing the camera rig


  • Filament! Transparent for printing the torch tops at least
  • Paint (unless we want to change filament for torch base)
  • Lights (LED?), Wires, Batteries


  • Spot Trace Satellite Tracker, http://www.amazon.com/Trace-Anti-Theft-Tracking-Device-Black/dp/B00GQ8WW4M/, $100, Amazon Prime, Plus Annual Service Plan ($100/yr) for pings every five minutes
  • Cell Phone Tracking Systems (Device plus a pre-paid SIM Card, No Plan Needed), http://www.amazon.com/ABLEGRID%C2%AE-RealTime-Tracker-Vehicle-Tracking/dp/B01535CSCE/, $22 including SIM Card but there may be other options…
  • Tile Short Range Audio Alert, http://www.amazon.com/Tile-Gen-Phone-Finder-Finder/dp/B011HT9AL2/, $25, Amazon Prime
  • Handheld GPS system for going off-roading while looking for the payload; this will not be going into space, just need to find one we can borrow!!


  • Balloon — 600 g? $55 from High Altitude Science, Need to order ASAP once we settle on the size / desired ascent rate
  • Parachute — 5 foot? $75 from High Altitude Science for 1.5m Parachute, Need to order ASAP once we settle on desired descent rate!
  • Helium, Need at least 100 cubic feet, Where to acquire?
  • Trip to hardware store (Miscellaneous supplies)
  • Weather Balloon Inflator, $85 from High Altitude Science (comes with scale), This might be worth the money to make sure we inflate safely and with the correct amount of helium!


  • E-mail: launchthetorch@gmail.com
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/fsu_launch
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/launchthetorch/timeline
  • Website: launchthetorch.wix.com/1851
  • Instagram: launchthetorch